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Golf Stance #790

Poor alignment is the single most destructive area for players of all levels. There are two main elements to be considered when lining up a golf shot. First and foremost is the target line (the line that the golf club is actually on. Secondly -- the stance line, also known as the body line. Both are important, but the stance line must always be determined first by the target line if the stance line is to have any true meaning.

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Orlando Golf Course  - Free Golf Tips Article of the Month:
Visualizing is a Crucial part of your Iron Game.

You may have Heard it over and over again that you are too fast on your Back swing or Forcing your follow through, you are not alone, that was me until a friend told me how he dropped 8-10 strokes by a simple but effective drill he got from an Old pro he played golf with last summer.
Here is the simple drill that you must practice on the driving range with almost immediate results when done correctly.

1. While aligning yourself to the target, always make sure your left shoulder is pointing at a 10' radius around the flag, depending if you draw or fade, if you draw aim 10' right or if you fade aim 10' left of the flag.

2. When you take back your swing keep your Iron Blade as low as possible and straight back as if you are having the feeling of stretching for the ground as you take it back, this is a crucial part in your swing to give you a larger arc and it helps to keep your left arm straight. Keep both of your arms close to your body as if it feels like your hips are moving your arms.

3. This is the second most important part of your swing, after you make your back swing and it Naturally Stops, your next vision is to feel for the ground on the down swing, focus on trapping your ball and not how hard you hit it, we all want to hit it hard and we can after properly trapping it. You need to have the vision of approaching the ball from behind it as you rotate through the ball keeping your head down, you should notice your ball shooting straight out with more speed on it. You want to feel as if you are hitting the ball with your hips, by keeping low going back and focusing on hitting behind on the down swing it forces your body to automatically turn within the imaginary barrel.

Thatís it, just by practicing this it will guarantee help your game, it helped my
friend drop 11 strokes and I dropped 9 strokes the next day after learning it.
It makes a lot of sense when you get secret tips from those who make Great Money doing it.


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